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B008: Earthen Spice Jar.


Large: 5.5” height x 3.6” diameter.

Medium: 4.8” height x 3.8” diameter.

Small: 3.8” height x 3.6” diameter.

Highlights: 100% earthenware, non-glazed, gas burned, high quality, crafted by skilled artisans, eco-friendly & sustainable, natural terracotta color.

Terracotta is a traditional and proven material that ages beautifully, perfect even for modern outdoor spaces. An unglazed pure clay bowl set made from all-natural clay and contains no contaminants or glazes. A kind of organic version for earthenware.

Noted: This product is handmade and there may be irregularities and imperfections. This is a natural outcome of the hand-crafting process and adds to the unique charm of the product. No two pcs are identical ensuring you have a piece which is one of a kind.