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B002: Bamboo Glass Stand.

Original price was: 450.00৳.Current price is: 420.00৳.

2” height x 13” length x 9.5”  width.

Materials: Rattan & Bamboo.

Highlights: hand made, high quality, crafted by skilled artisans, eco-friendly & sustainable.

Our creative bamboo weaving trays will be the best choice for you. Made of high quality material, durable enough for your long-term use. Creative and delicate appearance design, ensures its popularity. The decorative trays are handcrafted from bamboo.

Pure natural materials, using natural high-quality bamboo raft, healthy and environmentally friendly, no odor.

Care instructions:
• Please avoid the wicker basket getting soaking wet.
• Avoid prolonged direct sun exposure which may cause discolorations.