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A002: Earthen Antique Tea Set


Tea Set Includes: 

1 pc Classic Tea Kettle with lid including 5” placemat made by cane.

6 pcs Tea Cup including 3” Saucers exclusively made by cane.


Kettle 660 ml & Tea Cup 120ml

Highlights: 100% earthenware, non-glazed, high quality, cane woven in handle,  crafted by skilled artisans, eco-friendly & sustainable.

This clay teapot features the classic design, offering a stately appearance as well as optimal function. It has a very snug fitting lid, and is perfectly symmetrical all around — making it very ergonomically friendly.

In our modern lifestyle, it’s also an opportunity to sit down with friends and enjoy a social ritual that can be appreciated on whatever level we wish to embody it. The beauty of tea is that it meets you where you are at, and has deep cultural roots to be explored for a lifetime.

With a relatively large capacity of 230ml, this clay teapot can accommodate a tea service for at least six people.

  • Handmade
  • Eco-friendly
  • Sustainable